Less Becoming More

March 16, 2020

Slow down,
Soften your eardrums
Birds are singing.

Taste with tenderness
Each bite’s unique gift;
And we find we miss little.

A fortnight with the Soul,
Under the waning Moon.
In relief, my gaze softens.

 And I let Love in…..

— Anonymous

This time of fear & constriction generated by COVID-19 is driving lots of negative messages. Here are some thoughts meant to counterbalance and provide some helpful guidance.  The impact of this time will be different depending on your current and past life’s circumstance(s). That being true, there are many ways to consciously both mitigate the effects and elevate your experience to better master the pull to be caught up in what’s to come.

This is a rare opportunity where the entire world is unified in response to the same concern, despite race, gender, county or religion. A massive collective retreat is underway, here are some things to consider making it a conscious retreat for you: 

In short, the slow down around COVID-19 is both an opportunity for us to benefit mentally, emotionally and physically and be of service.  It’s also, an opportunity to dig a little deeper, to reflect more softly, distill what’s really important, and master the waves of intensity which may be moving through you.

Maintain compassion for self and other’s in this time, to:

Face it, Feel it, and become Free of it