Inner-Mastery Mentoring

With Anni Johnston

Coaching Services

Empowerment PoseAfter 35 years of experience and personal practice, Anni uses a repatterning process she developed that allows you to 1) use your own sensation-based reactions to indicate the way through a limitation(s), 2) how to focus your attention and surf the wave of discomfort rather than be tumbled by it, with the final goal of 3) mastering discomfort so that you can “ride a wave” until it melts away. Inner Mastery gives/teaches you both confidence and skill to overcome what has previously plagued you; creating an experienced sense of mastery. 

Anni only works with consistent and committed clients via monthly programs because over the decades because she’s seen that clients who evolve the most dramatically are both consistent and committed to the process. “One and done” or “drop in” sessions are not available because they simply don’t give the “paradigm shift” needed for long-lasting change. Anni matches the investment you make in time, money and energy because she only works with a select few clients at a time. She also gives individually focused post-session and between-session support (meditations, reading suggestions, stress reduction techniques and awareness practices, etc.) for deepening your mastery process.

Anni offers three tiers of Inner-Mastery Mentoring options and a fourth VIP option by invitation only.