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Inner-Mastery Mentoring Programs

Inner-Mastery Mentoring provides you with deep insights and understanding derived from life experiences, guiding you through personal growth and expansion. This program focuses on helping you achieve profound self-awareness and inner transformation, fostering a richer, more meaningful life. Below are the different levels of Inner-Mastery Programs: Clarity, Change and Create. *****


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In the Clarity phase you work in private one-on-one sessions to dive deep into what’s been holding you back. In the 12 weeks we will work together to gain a better understanding on what is stopping you from moving forward. 

Clarity is the first step to achieving your goals. It’s like lifting the hood of a car—you need to see what’s not working so you can move forward. We’ll identify the issues and stumbling blocks, reflect on the blind spots and gaps, and help you gain a clear sense of direction.

Let’s dive in and start this journey towards clarity and success.

In the 6 month Change phase, we focus on options and actions that fill in your blind spots and minimize the gaps of awareness . It’s like tipping a teeter-totter in a new direction to create positive change. We’ll examine habits and patterns that arise, understand what triggered them, where your mind went, and the belief systems that came into play.

Throughout these six months, you’ll implement strategies that truly work for you. By exploring and experimenting, you’ll find what sticks. Sometimes things won’t work, but that’s part of the process, and I’m here to guide you through it. Remember the goal is to go past the tipping points until you solidly land in the life you want to live.

By the end of the program, you’ll start recognizing familiar frustrations and handle them differently. Instead of falling into old habits, you will have new, healthier ways to cope, You’ll dismantle ineffective patterns and replace them with more effective strategies, like going for a walk instead of reflexively reacting 

In the 12 month Create phase, the changes you’ve worked on continue to solidify. In the previous six months of trial and error, you’ve discovered what works and what doesn’t. By this stage, you’re not just managing problems; you’re moving beyond them. With less energy spent on troubleshooting, you have more to invest in creating and experiencing new ways of living that seemed previously out of reach. 

This phase is about making the changes truly your own. Together, we’ll ensure these new patterns are deeply ingrained and effective for your unique situation. It’s about finding a way forward that genuinely works for you. From new found place you will be finally free to create the life you been longing to live. 

For those seeking an elevated experience, the VIP version of the Create phase offers exclusive perks designed to enhance your journey even further. These additional benefits provide extra support and resources, making your transformation process smoother and more impactful. The VIP experience is tailored to give you that extra edge, ensuring you achieve your goals with greater ease and confidence.

Embark on this premium journey and discover a truly personalized path to lasting change.

Coaching Program

Inner-Mastery Coaching is designed to address long-standing patterns and behaviors after you’ve had that crucial “aha” moment. This program offers practical strategies and ongoing support to help you implement changes, overcome persistent challenges, and maintain your progress toward lasting personal mastery.