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Become empowered to face life’s discomforts and challenges

until you know ¨I Got This!¨. 

What Inner-mastery

mentoring gives you

Inner-mastery is the art of understanding and controlling your internal experiences and reactions. It involves a deep awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations, and the ability to navigate them with confidence and skill. Through inner mastery, you learn to recognize and address your limitations, transforming discomfort and challenges into opportunities for growth. This practice empowers you to respond to life’s difficulties with resilience and calm, ultimately creating a profound sense of control and self-assurance.

With 42 years of experience and personal practice, Anni offers a unique repatterning process to help you achieve inner mastery. This process involves:

  1. Using your own sensation-based reactions to identify and navigate through limitations.
  2. Focusing your attention to “surf the wave” of discomfort, rather than being overwhelmed by it.
  3. Mastering discomfort, enabling you to ride it out until it dissipates.

Inner mastery equips you with the confidence and skills needed to overcome persistent challenges, fostering a deep sense of accomplishment and control.


client’s testimonials

Our work gave me the confidence, clarity and skill to [make a career change]. Anni identified issues specific to my work situation and gave me a lens to view and constructively move forward. One of the best tools was how to not just look at the day-to-day picture but the long term. I will recommend this to others, and will continue. Enormously helpful.

—A.H., Lawyer, Boca Raton, FL

Anni is amazing. I have been working on my relationship with my body and with food for a long time with different body based therapists. What I love about the work with Anni is that her approach bypasses the conversational/thinking brain. In every session, she leads me deeper into my body. She helps me listen and hear my body’s longings and hurts, recognize its defenses and how it tries to protect me. And then Anni offers and models a level of profound acceptance and compassion. There are not enough or accurate words to describe the experience, you must try it. Change is inevitable.”

—Danielle Harel, PhD, Sex and Relationship Coach, Co-Founder of the Somatica Institute, Sunnyvale, CA

Your intuitive listening skills are brilliant. The way you hear what I say, and then guide me to what I need is so beneficial. Helping me get access to my body’s wisdom quickly is also helpful. You have a way of getting to the root of the issue without me having to talk a lot, which I greatly appreciate. You have helped me do what I need to do to move towards my goals in a succinct, fun, and useful way.

—Connie Sobczak, author, Embody: Learning to Love Your Unique Body (and quiet that critical voice!), CEO, The Body Positive, Berkeley, CA

I’m not sure how you do what you do, but it was nothing short of a miracle to me. I can’t thank you enough because I now know how to make my business more enjoyable, less work, and more profitable!

—J.H., Property Manager, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“True inner-mastery lies in transforming

life’s challenges into opportunities

for growth, empowering you to navigate

and surf the waves

with resilience and confidence.”

Anni Johnston

Anni Johnston

I have overcome what others might see as (multiple) insurmountable events and despite of (or because of) them have created a life that is full, abundant, clear, and dynamically creative…