We can realize it’s an act of courage to love, care and connect with others

My friend died this week. I’m “shook,” sad and in shock. When I came to town, he and his friends would always come to my dinner parties as a trio.  I called them the Three Amigos. There’s a special kind of laughter and sharing with decades-long friends. With his loss, a bit of magic has disappeared.

Adam was part of a large group who traveled, vacationed, and raised families together for over 40 years. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for them right now. He was an integral part of that band of brothers (and sisters); that sort of loss brings on a level of pain and sorrow which is all-consuming. Yet what is the other option? To not love? To not bond? To not share our life with others? No, those can’t be the option.


Musing Centered Expansion

Instead, we can realize it’s an act of courage to love, care and connect with others. Even more so when we are consciously aware of how short and precious life is AND open our hearts anyway. Can it be that simple? Open our hearts, and live the life right in front of us? I’m not sure, all I know is the life we have right in front of us is the only life we have. And once it is accepted for exactly what it is, we can live our unique life fully, without apology.

Centered Expansion