Building Happiness Online Course

A Comprehensive and Holistic Approach to Happiness.

Learn Inner Mastery Skills To Create Lasting Change in This Transformative Online Course.

Are You Ready To Transform your Life And Unlock The Keys To Happiness?

Do Any of These Resonate With Your Emotions and Experiences?

Difficulty disconnecting from work to relax and enjoy your free time.

Despite achieving success, you struggle to feel a sense of purpose or fulfillment  

→ It is difficult to form and maintain strong relationships due to your busy work schedule.

→ Have high levels of stress and burnout as a result of a demanding professional life

→ You find it difficult to enjoy the present moment and are always thinking about your next goal or project

What If You Had a Roadmap To Achieve Your Happiness?

Imagine A Life Where you Radiate Positivity, Embrace Challenges With Grace

And Experience Profound Joy In Every Moment


What Would Your Life Look Like If…

→You had the personal confidence to change even the longest held pattern?

→ You Could let go of all the self judgement and blame

→ You could release what isn’t working and get more lasting joy out of life

→ You could put all this new found energy into more effective places to reach that level of happiness you have been looking for

→ You had the guidance of someone who knew exactly what you needed

Anni Johnston building happiness

You Can Have It All!

¨Throughout My 40 years of professional experience,

I have met and helped thousands of people

with your same wants and desires.

The desire of feeling fulfilled and happy in life.

Having helped so many people and with

a inner need to continue to help,

I created a program to guide you into

the life you are seeking!¨

Anni Johnston


Here is What I Created For You

Building Happiness

A Self-paced Course

Designed To Help Busy, High-Achieving Professionals Like You Find True Happiness 

And Fulfillment In Your Personal And Professional Lives

 Building Happiness

What You Will Experience In This Course 

  • Premium Video Instructional Lessons, meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled clarity and effectiveness to your message.
  • Foundational Lesson to ignite a transformative shift in your mindset  – the gateway to your empowerment.
  • Enhance your learning experience with our signature ¨Think About it¨ Sheets accompanying each lesson, providing you with the perfect opportunity to delve deeper into the content and seamlessly translate it into impactful action.
  • Our Audio Lessons enabling you to revisit and absorb the wisdom on the move by downloading the files onto your personal devices.
  • our Downloadable Workbook, Amplify your progress allowing you to imprint the key takeaways and exercises from the lessons, ensuring that transformative knowledge becomes an integral part of your journey.
  • Elevate your introspection and growth with our Downloadable Monthly Journal adorned with daily inspirational quotes. As you pen down your thoughts, you’ll have a tangible testament of your evolution, with each entry drawing you closer to acknowledging your remarkable transformation.
  • By embracing the transformative experience of Investing In Your Inner Mentoring, you’re laying the cornerstone for profound personal growth that promises to shape your path towards an empowered future.


  • Building Happiness 30 Day Journal With Daily Inspirational Quotes 

Total Value $797  

Limited Time Introductory Offer $497

    Client Results

    Anni´s intuitive listening skills are brilliant. The way she hears what I say, and then guides me to what I need is so beneficial. Helping me get access to my body’s wisdom quickly is also helpful.  She has a way of getting to the root of the issue without me having to talk a lot, which I greatly appreciate. She has helped me do what I need to do to move towards my goals.

    Connie Sobczake

    Author, CEO, The Body Positive, Berkeley, CAName Goes Her

    Anni is amazing. What I love about the work with Anni is that her approach bypasses the conversational/thinking brain. In every session, she leads me deeper into my body. She helps me listen and hear my body’s longings and hurts, recognize its defenses and how it tries to protect me. And then Anni offers and models a level of profound acceptance and compassion. There are not enough or accurate words to describe the experience, you must try it. Change is inevitable.

    Danielle Harel

    PhD, Sex and Relationship Coach, Co-Founder of the Somatica Institute, Sunnyvale, CA

    Our work gave me the confidence, clarity and skill to [make a career change]. Anni identified issues specific to my work situation and gave me a lens to view and constructively move forward. One of the best tools was how to not just look at the day-to-day picture but the long term. I will recommend this to others, and will continue. Enormously helpful.


    Lawyer, Boca Raton, FL

    Your Journey to Building Happiness Begins Now

    Think about where you are right now and where you want to be.

    • Are you tired of letting stress, negativity, and uncertainty hold you back?
    • Imagine a life where you wake up each day with a sense of purpose, a positive outlook, and the resilience to tackle any challenge that comes your way.
    • The “Building Happiness Course” is your opportunity to create that life for yourself.
    • Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Your journey to lasting happiness begins now.
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    Join us and let’s start building your happiness together

    About Your Mentor 

    ¨The 35 years I’ve spent training my mind through meditation & awareness practices, my body through yoga/sports, and my inner experience through the teachings of highly evolved and clear teachers has prepared me for exactly this.
    As a successful businesswoman, psychotherapist, avid yogi, home renovator, and artist, I’m comfortable exploring all aspects of the varied human experience and will give my all to help you get a life that is more expansive, peaceful, joyful and invigorated.

    Born to Canadian parents in New Haven, Connecticut and raised in Berkeley, California, I have had the good fortune of being exposed to some of the sharpest minds in Clinical Psychology as well as to cutting edge leaders in the Human Potential movement, which spawned many of the brightest and most successful business leaders in the world.

    I have spent years exploring and practicing cognitive, mental, emotional, physical and transpersonal life-enhancing techniques; therefore my guidance as a Mentor is grounded in life experience and skillfulness. I received my bachelor’s degree in Economics in 1986, my master’s degree in Educational Psychology summa cum laude from California State University at Hayward in 1989, and then pursued my post-graduate training in dance/movement therapy, hypnosis, advanced psychotherapy techniques, meditation, awareness practices and marketing/entrepreneurship.¨

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