Inner-Mastery Mentoring

With Anni Johnston

About Anni Johnston

I have overcome what others might see as (multiple) insurmountable events and despite of (or because of) them have created a life that is full, abundant, clear, and dynamically creative. I only work with a handful of clients at a time by choice. When working with you I’ll use the inner strength, wisdom, humor, intuition, and experience I’ve gained to guide you from start to finish—whatever the goal or issue you want to master. I’ve worked professionally in a variety of roles, some left-brained (researcher, program manager, co-director of a non-profit, cognitive/behavioral therapist, business owner, real estate investor) and some right-brained (creative arts therapist, yoga teacher, video producer, psychotherapist, and entrepreneur). 

But the most powerful skillset I bring to my work with you are the 35 years I’ve spent training my mind through meditation & awareness practices, my body through yoga/sports, and my inner experience through the teachings of highly evolved and clear teachers. MORE As a successful businesswoman, psychotherapist, avid yogi, home renovator, and artist, I’m comfortable exploring all aspects of the varied human experience and will give my all to help you get a life that is more expansive, peaceful, joyful and invigorated. Born to Canadian parents in New Haven, Connecticut and raised in Berkeley, California, I have had the good fortune of being exposed to some of the sharpest minds in Clinical Psychology as well as to cutting edge leaders in the Human Potential movement, which spawned many of the brightest and most successful business leaders in the world. I have spent years exploring and practicing cognitive, mental, emotional, physical and transpersonal life-enhancing techniques; therefore my guidance as a Mentor is grounded in life experience and skillfulness. I received my bachelor’s degree in Economics in 1986, my master’s degree in Educational Psychology summa cum laude from California State University at Hayward in 1989, and then pursued my post-graduate training in dance/movement therapy, hypnosis, advanced psychotherapy techniques, meditation, awareness practices and marketing/entrepreneurship.