Inner-Mastery Mentoring

With Anni Johnston

Mentoring Programs

What people have experienced in working with anni johnston

Enjoy life more, feeling more optimistic and empowered.

Experiencing a re-invigorated approach to your work, soul, and personal life.

Lighter and less burdened by old fears, doubts, and resentments.

inner mastery mentoring program couples

Personal relationships become sweeter and old entanglements fall away much faster.

Feeling better in your body and about how you treat it.

Clearly see and reframe faulty & judgmental beliefs about yourself, others, your body and your potential.

Easy career changes or transitions— without the disaster.

Feeling more authentic where it matters most.

Working remotely allows you to both create important personal shifts without disrupting your daily life. These programs and the various techniques below work synergistically and powerfully to help create clarity, change, invigoration, and motivation.

All credit cards accepted.
Intro – Tier II programs receive an additional 3% off if paid by check, cash, Venmo, or money order.
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