Inner-Mastery Mentoring

With Anni Johnston

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Coaching Programs

After 42 years of experience and personal practice, Anni uses a repatterning process she developed that allows you to

1) use your own sensation-based reactions to indicate the way through a limitation(s),

2) how to focus your attention and surf the wave of discomfort rather than be tumbled by it, with the final goal of

3) mastering discomfort so that you can “ride a wave” until it melts away.

Inner Mastery gives/teaches you both confidence and skill to overcome what has previously plagued you; creating an experienced sense of mastery.

Working remotely allows you to both create important personal shifts without disrupting your daily life. These programs and the various techniques below work synergistically and powerfully to help create clarity, change, invigoration, and motivation.

Inner Mastery Mentoring Programs

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Intro – Tier II programs receive an additional 3% off if paid by check, cash, Venmo, or money order.
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