Two weeks ago, I was on retreat with Rupert Spira, and it was a joyful experience. My fellow participants and I were unplugged, unhurried, unscheduled, and unfocused on the details of the outside world. This structure allowed participants to dive deeply into our Essence and the truth about our shared experience as humans. There was also a lot of laughter, creative expression, hikes, and intimate sharing with others. 

inner mastery mentoring Anni Johnston

Rupert’s latest book is “You Are the Happiness You Seek: Uncovering the Awareness of Being.” At lunch one day, he joked that for many of us, all we needed from his books was to understand the title and subtitle deeply. So if happiness is what we are all searching for (in love, work, meaning, health, etc.), then staying connected to our Being, our true nature, will allow the veils that hide our essential happiness to fall away. Could it be that simple? And if so, how can we uncover and become aware of Being-ness?

Three powerful words, that’s how:

All three words are “gateways” that can return us to a place of greater happiness. You can use one, two, or all three words to help you to reconnect to an unburdened place that always exists within. Affirmations or mantras such as “Being Simple brings Love,” “I Love Being Simple,” “Being Love is Simple,” and “I Love Simply Being” are as powerful as questions such as, “Am I being Loving?” “Am I keeping things Simple?” “Am I Being present?“ Such simple shortcuts return you to your essence quickly, and although the mind struggles to understand how it works, that won’t matter once you’ve returned to your felt clarity and joy.

inner mastery mentoring Anni Johnston

Play around with using these words for yourself; often, one word, or a combination of words, may have a greater resonance. None of the particulars matter; what matters is that you find ways to connect with your own truth and your own Essence, so that you experience being more connected to your innate happiness- no matter what occurs.


“What we are is Being and Love,
In retreat, there is Abidance and Friendship,
And in the world, we bring Peace and Kindness.”
Rupert Spira*
*as noted by Anni