¨…Returning to ourselves is a road we choose,

with all the twists and turns and seeming cul-de-sacs that come with

following— or indeed, forging— an uncertain path.

In my experience, we are never as close as we think and never as far as we fear

Gabor Mate, MD

Wow, I was struck by that powerful quote from Dr. Mate, one of the groundbreaking innovators of healing trauma through alternative methods. Reviewing this year personally and considering our work together, this quote is a powerful pointer on modulating painful expectations while reminding us that our long-standing, faulty, limiting beliefs do not define us. For Inner Mastery work is not about making the world ¨perfect¨  in the mind’s eye but trusting that the ¨imperfect¨ is part of the ineffable perfection and feeling perfectly ready to take on whatever occurs. Mastery is trusting in your capacity to navigate Life´s challenges and become its co-conspirator toward your growth. When you are connected to your essence, truth, heart, and ability to step into life, your ability to maintain a connection to your Knowing grows, ultimately returning you to your birthright—freed from being run by fear and negative beliefs.

inner mastery mentoring Anni Johnston

Once we learn how to manage what moves through our biological organism (fear, anger, hurt, sadness, etc.) and our consequent brain responses, we can hitch those Mastery skills onto our capacity for higher and higher states of consciousness. Mastery allows us to step into our Dharma and purpose and become positive change agents.


In short, we can become Aware,
And continue to stay aware in real-time,
when the body-mind system is triggered.
Once that occurs,
there is a sense of Freedom and Joy
slowly becoming your constant companions.